Expert engineers in the food-processing industry

Creativity, innovation, and intellectual curiosity

Agro-Génie is a team that values the spirit of analysis and synthesis, initiative, autonomy, rigor, thoroughness, and versatility. We are the ideal partner to support your teams in implementing your projects, regardless of size.

Multidisciplinary teams adapted to your project needs

Our flexible structure allows us to introduce know-how into processes, building, and project management to achieve your objectives in an ultra-competitive manner.

Food-processing industries where we excel

handling + processing

We work together towards the implementation of your projects

Project management and engineering

From feasibility study to start-up, we take on the daily tasks of managing your projects so that they are executed according to your vision, timeline, and budget.

Optimization of operations

We analyze and optimize operations as well as manage energy efficiency.

Design and 3D scanning

Our 3D scanning tools allow you to model your buildings and processes rapidly and accurately and then transfer them to the software of your choice, whether AutoCAD, SolidWorks, or any other 3D software.

We work with...